Joshua Walsh was born in Detroit, Michigan. He began creating at a very young age and would enter the Center for Creative Studies, Detroit at the age of fifteen on a portfolio preperation program. With numerous scholarships, Walsh headed west to pursue his degree at the university of Nebraska, Lincoln and study at the Concordia College, Seward. It was in Sewerd, Walsh would meet and eventually assist and study under the german master Rienhold Marxhausen, a master of creativity. This eventually led to an art education in Europe. Here Walsh traveled extensively throughout: Holland, Germany, France, and Italy. For the first time Walsh was looking face to face with the great masters he had studied his entire life. " I had no idea how deeply these painters and sculptors would change my direction, my life!" says walsh. " So many of the masters work, incorporated this beautiful light that I had never seen, a light that would consume me and my work for well over two decades." The list would be to long, but a few of my biggest influences would include: Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, VanGough, and Manet. The list go's on and on, but It would be Rembrandt who would captivate the young artist and send him on an artistic journey to capture "light". 

  In 1993 Walsh packed up his belongings and headed south to New Orleans. " I knew I wanted to pursue my art full time, and I knew, from family trips to New Orleans, that I could explore the culture and magic of this city that had resignated with me since childhood. There is no other place like it in the world, so distinctively unique. New Orleans would become my home, my life, my muse." After living through Hurricane Kartina, Walsh helped rebuild the city and restore the art community. " It was probably the worst tragedy I have ever experienced in life, so much destruction and loss, so much death, it breaks my heart. We will forever be changed." 

 Walsh has traveled extensively throughout the states, always seeking out inspiration. "Our country fascinates me, so many diverse cultures culminating in a lifetime of inspiration that both aids me and enables me to continue my pursuit of imagination and art."

​  "As you can see through these pages, I would consider myself an artist. By that I mean, Im not just a painter or a sculptor, I love the discovering of different mediums, new and old, the challenges they afford and the curiosity that keeps me interested in life."



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